Pre-sale nerves

You’ve seen the tweets, advert or email.

Your favourite singer or band are touring.

The general on sale date is Friday at 9, there is a Thursday pre-sale and a priority pre-sale on Wednesday.

You’ve discussed with your fellow gig companions which date you’d prefer, what the second and third options are.

You’ve agreed the maximum price you want to pay.

And after all this, after all the rules you’ve set, you agree. You get tickets NO MATTER WHAT.

Its Wednesday, at least an hour before the pre-sale starts.  You load up the ticket site, log in and do this again on multiple browsers… and you wait

You get your payment card out ready….

and wait

and refresh… and refresh

and then at 9:01 it says…… this website is experiencing high demand, please wait your turn..

You check every tab on your browser.. they say the same… your palms are sweating and you’re a little panicked now. YOU NEED THESE TICKETS!

and finally after what feels like an eternity you’re in!

You select your chosen tickets – always standing if that’s available, then if not as close to the front as you can get and if not, then yes, fine Level 4 will do!

You enter that stupid random code to stop robots but that slows you down..

You enter your payment details, your delivery address, your billing address, the timer counts down… you have 5 minutes to compete this page and suddenly for the life of you, you cannot type…..

You press buy, the page refreshes, and FINALLY its confirmed YOU HAVE TICKETS! The past 5 minutes have passed in a blur, you check you brought the right date, the right amount of tickets and put the right delivery address in and then and only then breathe a sigh of relief!! You tell everyone you need to, WE GOT TICKETS!

And the countdown to the gig begins!


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