The Gig Gang

Maybe its about time I tell you a bit more about who I gig with

So if its a country gig, it’s me and my mum,  my parents are really the reason I love music so much. I’d walk home from school and as I turned into our road I would hear the music coming from our home that Mum was playing. Temptations, John Denver, Celine Dion, I grew up listening to most music. Dad more often than not would spend a Sunday afternoon listening to Queen, Elvis or Billy Fury through the headphones, but still loud enough that we could hear it anyway,

Country to Country Festival, C2C 2014
Mum & Me at C2C, 2nd Row

My other half Peter gets dragged to anything that’s pop music.  I say dragged, he never gets excited about a gig, but once we get there he always announces “That was the best gig ever!”

Eminem, Wembley
Peter, Lisa & Me, at Eminem

Then there is my sister, Lisa, she will honestly go to anything… One Direction, Dolly Parton, The Script.  She loves all kinds of music, so can often be counted on as my plus one.. and the purchaser of many of my tickets!

One Directon, Wembley Stadium, 2014
Lisa & Me at One Direction

The ultimate gig group is Me, Peter, Lisa and her husband Stewart, however there are no gig pictures of all of us as Stewart is either getting a pint or trying to find the loo….

V Festival
My Brother in Law Stewart

And then there are the people who I’ve become friends with through my love of country music, The Mitchell Family and The Webbs, seems the nicest people like country music.


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