Not ready to make nice…

The Dixie Chicks, were one of the first Country groups I loved.  I wanted to play the fiddle & violin like Martie did.  I have every single album they’ve released and finally got to see them perform at C2C this year.  We had brought tickets one week after the 2013 gig, when no line up was announced. We just knew we needed to be there again.

There are some songs, that you just want to hear live and when the line up was released I had a moment of I am finally going to see them and PLEASE, sing ‘not ready to make nice’. They did not disappoint!

In 2003, the Dixie Chicks had spoken out against the war in Iraq and President Bush. There was a massive backlash, radio stations stopped playing their songs. The album that followed and this song was their chance to put their point across.

It’s fair to say I’m some times out spoken and a bit stubborn, so this is probably why this song resonates with me.

Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I’m not sure I could
They say time heals everything
But I’m still waitingI’m through with doubt
There’s nothing left for me to figure out
I’ve paid a price
And I’ll keep paying

I’m not ready to make nice
I’m not ready to back down
I’m still mad as hell and
I don’t have time to go round and round and round
It’s too late to make it right
I probably wouldn’t if I could
‘Cause I’m mad as hell
Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

I know you said
Can’t you just get over it
It turned my whole world around
And I kind of like it

I made my bed and I sleep like a baby
With no regrets and I don’t mind sayin’
It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
And how in the world can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter
Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing
Or my life will be over


Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I’m not sure I could
They say time heals everything
But I’m still waiting



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