What started all this

I always loved music and songs and always fell in love with lyrics.  I had been to various concerts over the years.  Shania Twain, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Leann Rimes, Keith Urban, Robbie Williams to name a few.  But I wasn’t obsessed with gigs then. If I happened to hear about someone I liked was touring I might go. But I didn’t HAVE to go!

In 2008, I had some crazy life changing (for the better) stuff happen.  It was also the year I got an iTunes account. My sister was an avid concert goer and she had a couple of gigs booked up at the end of the year with her husband (though they weren’t married then).  He then had to go away for work for a few weeks and she was minus a plus one! So I got to tag along.

This first gig was The Pigeon Detectives, playing at Alexandar Palace. I had never heard of them, my sister has slightly different music tastes to me so I wanted to at least know a few songs before we went so I remember copying their songs to listen to in the car. I fell in love with their song ‘I’m not sorry’.  The concert was really good and lots of jumping and dancing happened, we were going to leave just before the end to get out the car park  and miss the traffic and then ‘I’m not sorry’ started to play as the last song and we just went crazy! The lyrics, just meant something to me at the time.

“You said things would never change
But sometimes they get rearranged
I know that you’re wrong
You’ve known all along
You said I could keep you safe
Then up and left without a trace”

The second gig I got to be plus one at was Coldplay at the O2, again, I wasn’t really into their music.  I knew the songs that had done well in the charts and not much else.  We had good seats on level 1 at the side.  Now Coldplay put on an amazing show (there will be more about this in later posts and my love of ticker tape!). It’s truly breathtaking some of the effects they add into the show.  There were a couple of great things about this gig.  Firstly Coldplay are known for appearing somewhere else in the arena other than the stage, and we were lucky enough for that place to be our block! It was amazing to be so close to these superstars.

Now my favourite Coldplay song, then and now still is Viva la Vida, I think they played it as their last song and the second memorable thing was once we left the concert, the entire crowd as we walked to the tube was singing this song. The tube was filled with people singing the “Woahahahah oh, woahahah oh”. It was just a perfect end to a lovely night.

After these gigs, I just wanted to see music live. Songs, music, singing it’s my passion.  Songs can change my mood instantly, happy, sad, angry – there is a band or singer who can make me feel better and concerts are just the most amazing experience and I will continue to go to as many as I can for as long as I can afford too!


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