Standing at Gigs/Gig Etiquette

I do much prefer standing at a gig.  Its just better to be closer than stuck in a seat somewhere up the back or sides.  However standing does have its problems and this raises the unspoken issues around ‘Gig Etiquette’.

Firstly in the hour straight after the doors opening, you have all the space in the world.  We always pick our spot and get comfortable, as time passes, people move in.  That lovely space you had in front of you, now someone is standing in it and someone is also standing in front of them.

Also there is the to-ing and fro-ing of other people.  We are quite set in our gigs ways (I’m sure you might have picked up on that). We go to the loo as we arrive and then after the support, then that’s us pretty much in our spot till the end. But everyone else is in and out, backwards and forwards and they’ve decided where I’m standing is the perfect route to where they want to be!

Then there is the lack of personal space. Clearly I haven’t perfected the ‘Get out of my space face’ very well. People seem to think it’s ok to flick their hair all over you and in your drink! It is not!

It really annoys me when people talk through the band being on stage.  A concert with 20,000 people in attendance is NOT the place to bring your mates up to date on your personal life. I paid to hear the band sing, not listen to you! Save your drama for the journey home or the pub!

Finally what has to be the worse thing about standing is the throwing of drinks and other suspect liquids! Its that moment when you are happily facing the stage dancing and singing away when.. BANG a cup hits you and liquid is in your hair, your face, down your clothes and then you have the moment of.. its cold, its beer, its ok, rather than its warm, its probably wee, its NOT OK!


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