Guilty Pleasure… John Denver & The Muppets A Christmas Together

As its approaching Christmas its only right that the new few guilty pleasure songs are Christmas related. This guilty pleasure isn’t just a song, but a whole album.

John Denver & The Muppets – A Christmas Together.

At Christmas in our house, this is the CD that’s played, without fail every Christmas Day we would listen to this CD. Its the music I grew up on.

A few of my favourite songs are:

Alfie the Christmas Tree

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is Coming

Now this final song has story behind it, I was singing it at work and a friend of mine said she’d never heard it.  So I started talking about John Denver & The Muppets and again, she hadn’t heard of it. (She’s young, so we’ll blame her poor music taste on that).  Then an American lady I worked with spoke up and said, I know that CD, you’re like the only other person I know that has it! And that sparked the start of mine and Ali’s Country Music/Gig Friendship.

And remember, in the words of  Buddy the Elf:

The best way to spread Christmas cheer
Buddy The Elf

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