Professor Green at The Roundhouse

Final gig of the year and pro green smashed it.

It was a sad day for us, a first anniversary of a loved one passing away. Six months ago when I realised the gig was the same day I mentioned to Peter about asking his cousin to the gig. The day of gig would be the first anniversary of his mums death and we felt that a day out would help keep Craig’s mind busy.

The gig soon approached and it felt wrong to be looking forward to it and I wasn’t sure if we’d done the right thing. Peter and I did the usual gig prep. I’d found the set list we listened over and over to the songs and we were excited for the gig.
We met Kate and Craig in the afternoon and headed into London. Roundhouse isn’t too far from St Pancras so I said we should walk… I’m pretty used to traipsing round London for gigs or just a day out but it would seem Kate isn’t.. So we find a pub to break up the walk. We settle in and got a round of drinks and some jagers and we toasted Annie.
Jager Bombs
Another round of drinks and more jagers and we ordered some food. It was lovely sitting with Kate and Craig and talking. We see them a lot but always with their kids (who we love) so it was great to see them both relax and enjoy themselves.
So we finally get into the Roundhouse and I forgot what a great venue it was. I’ve only been here once before and you forget how intimate it is but it also feels grand too. Doesn’t matter where you stand the view is amazing. There were two support acts one being a DJ just before Pro Green came on and he was brilliant. Normally I can’t wait for the support to be over but this guy was good!
Finally the lights dim and the start of Lullaby plays. The female backing singer sang the chorus and her voice was amazing. Pro Green walks out and the crowd go crazy!!! This is the bit I love the most. The smile on his face as he soaked up our reaction. This is someone who’s persona might make you think he’s pretty tough but the more I’ve read about him recently and the interviews I’ve seen you realise he’s just a normal bloke dealing with life. There something about seeing a rapper live the way lyrics come spilling out. In total pro green sang 17 songs and barely paused for breath. We had the set list (of course) and we knew when our favourites were coming up…. Lullaby is a song that means so much to me as it talks about his struggles with anxiety and depression something I am dealing with now, Name In Lights with Rizzle Kicks was so good and my favourite Astronaut was just beautiful. It’s a really sad song and the crowd singing along made it sound even better.
Suddenly we were at the end waiting for the encore we knew the final song was Read All About It and while waiting for him to come out I checked Twitter… If a singer I’m seeing does any duets then I just like to  see if the other person happens to be in the country just in case of a surprise appearance. Imagine my excitement when I saw Emeli Sande has tweeted ‘Roundhouse here we come’. She was here!!
Emeli Sande
The encore was three songs, we had two to wait and then the opening bars start to play pro green is talking, thanking us for waiting for the album and tour, thanking Millie and then his Nan who brought him up. And then a female voice starts to sing, it’s not the backing singer….. Emeli Sande walks out and the place goes nuts!!!
What an amazing way to end a year full of music.  2015 already has John & Jacob, Saint Raymond, The Script, Country 2 Country, and a trip to Nashville to name just a few gigs. I can’t wait, my happiest place is standing in a crowd of people, singing till I have no voice left, watching a singer do what they love.

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