My Ticker Tape Obsession

I love  it at a gig when an act fires off ticker tape into the crowd!

It’s my most favourite thing… I love it more than a B stage….

Ticker Tape, Coldplay
Ticker Tape @ Coldplay

I always try to suss out if there will be ticker tape, if possible I try to stand by the cannons.  I always want to be in that position in the crowd where the full force of the ticker tape lands. Unfortunately that rarely seems to happen. We end up spinning round in circles trying to jump and grab it.

Coldplay do amazing things with ticker tape, there has been florescent butterflies that look like they are fluttering through the air, giant yellow balls that pop and gold tape flies out everywhere.  The Killers had lightening shaped ticker tape in red and silver that came shooting out.

I always pick it up and bring some home to go in my gig scrap box where all my tickets, wristbands and gig paraphernalia is kept before it makes its way into my scrapbook. I love when I put on a coat I wore to gig and put my hand in the pocket and out comes a handful of ticker tape.

I have no idea where my love of ticker tape came from, I just know that nothing makes me happier than seeing it shooting out when I’m at a gig… Sometimes I wish every time I opened my front door I would be showered in ticker tape and streamers, wouldn’t that just be a nice welcome home!

Though my mum tells me I’d soon get tired of the mess.


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