Peter Pan Panto

So last night I went to my very first panto! I was a little apprehensive before going as I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We were going with Peter’s family and even though they have 11 kids between them all, no kids were coming!

We arrive just before it starts and find our way to our seats. I’ve been to Milton Keynes theatre before, but never had seats on the floor and we were close to the front too, really good seats.

Firstly before we get into the panto, the thing I love the most about the theatre is the way everything happens on that one stage. The scenery moves, new sets appear and its all live, happening right in front of you.

Now onto the Panto – it was without a doubt the funniest night out ever! Bradley Walsh was just brilliant and there were great moments where he made the cast laugh a little too much and they had to take a minute to compose themselves. The children in the cast were so good at their parts and very cute. Then there was Flawless – their dance routines were incredible, its definitely made me want to go see a group like that perform.

For me the best moment of the panto was a section where Bradley and two other cast members sing their version of  the 12 days of Christmas. For each day that they sing about they bring new props onto stage and Bradley made sure he messed with one cast members props, sending the poor guy running all over the stage and the theatre at one point as he threw his ‘5 toilet rolls’ into the audience.

Seeing Peter and his Cousin Craig dancing and singing along was something not to be missed, it was a great night and big thank you has to go to Auntie Jan for arranging the trip out for all of us.


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