Finding a new favourite song

Whenever I get a new album, I usually start to listen in the car on my drive to work.  If the album has songs on it I already know then the first few listens are just flicking back and forwards to these songs.

After a few days, I start to listen from the first track, and let the album play…. mostly in the background and then suddenly a song you’ve never heard hits you and you have to listen again, and again…

With Taylor Swift 1989 that song on repeat was I Know Places, with Ed Sheeran X the song was Thinking out Loud,

This latest new album is a Zac Brown Band Live album, its not a new release, I stumbled across it when I was looking to see if their new single was on UK iTunes. I started my full album listen through on the drive to work this morning and it was song 9 that made me stop, listen and play the song on repeat… 4 times in total.

The lyrics are about a relationship and how a couple have to work together to make things work and if its always one way then it won’t. Its about give and take and not always having to be right.

But you’re not always right
(I’m not always wrong)
It’s not like I don’t try
This is where we belong

One way, everything’s gotta be your way
But darling, I’m on your side
Cause it’s one wheel, four hands
Two hearts trying to understand
How we’re gonna get there
When we’re both trying to drive

The song is called Trying to Drive.. its a duet and its beautiful, have a listen 


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