Maximise your life – Jillian Michaels

Not only is this gig/event my first of the year, it’s also the first seminar/motivational thing I’ve been too and my first time at the indigo at O2. It’s actually a really lovely venue, quite small and any seat would be a good one. I bought my obligatory gig merchandise, a t-shirt and signed book.

Jillian Michaels Book & T
Signed Book & Tshirt

This show is split into 3 sections

Science – What does calories mean

Sweat – How we burn some of those calories

Self – Why not you!

The first two sections are all about calories and working out and we all know it’s not rocket science.  Eat less, move more… and by less she doesn’t mean air souffle and a speck of dust. You are going to want treats and burgers so Jillian says just follow the 80/20 rule and 20% of the time allow yourself those foods you enjoy.

It’s not about being perfect but about progressing… Not being stuck…

There were millions of quotes of saying’s she came out with one of the best for me was

Destiny is a matter of choice. Not a matter of chance

Also who knew Jillian hates working out! But she does it because of what she gains from it – being able to enjoy a cheese burger, wearing skinny jeans or a bikini and being able to run around and be a part of her kids lives, not a spectator.

The only rule she sets in the the Self section is ‘Don’t be a dick’, treat people nicely and be kind. She talks about living in your present, not your past and how if bad things have happen to you that’s in the past and you can’t change it, you can just change how you act in your present.

Trust your gut, Make new mistakes

What she explains is, it’s ok to fail to make mistakes because of the person you’ll be afterwards…

And who knew Jillian was so hilarious, she had the audience in stitches and it was so enjoyable to be a part of it…

So what did I take away from last night, well…

I won’t be eating air soufflé or a speck of dust for dinner.

I won’t use the thigh spreader at the gym – no one wants to see that

2 hours with Jillian Michaels did me more good than 10 months of antidepressants.

Today I’m gonna be fucking awesome…


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