The Brit Awards – 2015

Tonight is The Brits, one of the biggest nights in British Music celebrating the best in British music.  Growing up The Brits and the Smash Hit Poll Winners Party were my favourite shows, TV that wasn’t to be missed.  Long before MTV, Youtube, iTunes and even the internet (yes, I’m that old) this was how you found out about the best albums or new international acts to listen too. For the past few years I’ve gone off the Brits a bit, I remember a couple of years ago as they announced nominations and winners I would be like “Who is this?” Lets hope tonight is a good one!

Tonight the show kicked off with Taylor Swift, an act who a few years ago was seen as a country act and who appealed to a much younger fan base.  Just goes to show how far she has come that she can open a show like this… I mean, I of course, love her but its good to see that everyone else loves her too… During her performance I was texted by my sister and a friend about how great Taylor is!

First Award: Male Artist, goes to Ed Sheeran!! Another fave of mine, his latest album X is fantastic and as a live performer he is on another level! He has sold out 3 dates at Wembley Stadium later in the year and I am gutted I’m not going.  His recent session on Radio 1 live lounge is great too. Also his birthday is my birthday too, so that makes him even greater!

Second Award: British Group, goes to Royal Blood – Ok this is a “WHO?” moment… I’m not going to pretend I know any of their songs… What about 1D or Coldplay.

The second performance is Sam Smith, who recently won 4 Grammys, I have to confess I’m a little behind on the Sam Smith bandwagon, I haven’t listened to the album and I kind of feel like I should now, as this performance of Lay Me Down is beautiful.

Third Award: International Female Solo Artist goes to, Taylor Swift!! Her first Brit Award!! That seems crazy, I was torn between her and Beyonce, but the rest of the nominees I was like “Er Who?” How good a move was going pop for Taylor! WE LOVE YOU TAYLOR!

Ok, Royal Blood are performing and have to say not loving it…. next please! And also ITV, these ad breaks are getting a bit much!

Fourth Award: British Female Solo Artist, Paloma Faith.  Another “who?” category really, but glad that Paloma won over the others, especially as she was very emotional! Everyone loves a rambling award winner, except for the guy trying to keep the show on time!

Next up, Ed Sheeran performs Bloodstream, this is what he does best, him, a guitar and a loop pedal.  Recording the chords and harmonies before he starts to sing.  He is a truly talented performer, singer and songwriter.

Its another ad break! The way they keep going on about Madonna performing for the first time in 14 years, you just know its going to be rubbish!

Fifth Award: Global Success Award, going to the artist who’s new releases have sold the most outside of the UK, this year it’s Sam Smith! What a shame though that more attention is being given to Kim Kardashian not Sam Smith!

So performing now, unsurprisingly is Kayne West, I have no idea what he’s singing about and he’s obviously swearing as the sound keeps getting muted.  Waste of stage time if you ask me! This is worst than the ad breaks!!

So back to the awards, Sixth Award is: International Male Solo Artist ok, this is another “Who?” category for me…. so Pharrell wins and he’s not there… Can we not just have Ed sing again, or even Taylor and Ed – no, ok I guess we’ll go to another ad break.

Now we have Take That performing, seems something is missing to me, I just liked them as a four piece.  However Howard is doing a good job keeping that drum going, but Mark looks like a little old man with his guitar. It’s Take That so there is no doubt it’ll be a hit.. its just no Greatest Day or Never Forget.

Seventh Award: British Single, its gotta be Ed or Sam hasn’t it? NO, its Uptown Funk, I totally blame The X Factor for this. So we go straight into the next award, seems they’ve realised its time to move things along a bit.

Eighth Award: International group, firstly presented by John Bishop who looks lovely with a beard and the winner is… Foo Fighters. Now performing its George Ezra singing Budapest, which will be stuck in my head all night.

Ninth Award: British Breakthrough, Sam Smith was last years Critic’s Choice winner, this year Breakthrough… next year best Male?! What a year Sam Smith has had. Ok I’ll get the album, seems he’s not too bad.

Paloma Faith is performing with rain… that is all! But seriously I do love her voice

Tenth Award: British Video of the Year, I voted for 1D!! And they win!! But where are they… 5 Awards in total for 1D over the last few years.

So now I’m guessing all that’s left is the final award British Album and Madonna but not before a final ad break!

Eleventh and final award: British Album, ED SHEERAN!!! Fourth Brit award in total, 6 times platinum with X. Keep making music Ed!

I think they put Madonna on at the end, so if the show overran, they could cut out her performance and it’s just the same performance as the Grammys except she fell over, so it was worth watching just for that!

So that’s the Brits over for another year.  There was some good performances and worthy winners, but I can’t say I loved all the winners.  I’ll always watch but its just not the same as it used to be. Tonight was all about Ed and Taylor for me.


Peter Pan Panto

So last night I went to my very first panto! I was a little apprehensive before going as I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We were going with Peter’s family and even though they have 11 kids between them all, no kids were coming!

We arrive just before it starts and find our way to our seats. I’ve been to Milton Keynes theatre before, but never had seats on the floor and we were close to the front too, really good seats.

Firstly before we get into the panto, the thing I love the most about the theatre is the way everything happens on that one stage. The scenery moves, new sets appear and its all live, happening right in front of you.

Now onto the Panto – it was without a doubt the funniest night out ever! Bradley Walsh was just brilliant and there were great moments where he made the cast laugh a little too much and they had to take a minute to compose themselves. The children in the cast were so good at their parts and very cute. Then there was Flawless – their dance routines were incredible, its definitely made me want to go see a group like that perform.

For me the best moment of the panto was a section where Bradley and two other cast members sing their version of  the 12 days of Christmas. For each day that they sing about they bring new props onto stage and Bradley made sure he messed with one cast members props, sending the poor guy running all over the stage and the theatre at one point as he threw his ‘5 toilet rolls’ into the audience.

Seeing Peter and his Cousin Craig dancing and singing along was something not to be missed, it was a great night and big thank you has to go to Auntie Jan for arranging the trip out for all of us.

Garth Brooks & Justin Timberlake

So my twitter feed is full of the news that Garth Brooks joined Justin Timberlake on stage to sing Friends in Low Places.

I watched this clip this morning, with a huge stupid grin on my face. Firstly, the crowd know the song Justin is about to sing just from the opening chords. I love this… they are happily singing along with no idea what is coming next… This is why I love a special guest at a concert and they don’t get more special than Garth Brooks. Once he’s on stage its just so lovely to see him and Justin dancing and singing together and to hear the crowd singing the song back. It gives me goosebumps just watching it, I can’t begin to imagine what it would’ve been like to be there.

Garth Brooks was one of my first introductions into Country music and remains one of my favourite musicians. I hope I get to see him live one day, that dream almost came true this year and then Croke Park was cancelled. I hope that his current tour swings by the UK at some point.

Until then I’ll just enjoy watching this…

First tickets for 2015 have arrived

and how fancy is the envelope!

John & Jacob Tickets

I guess that’s why they cost me nearly £6 in postage!

Countdown to the first music gig has started! John & Jacob on the 3rd Feb, I can’t wait and I know my mum can’t wait either! She wants to ask them if they are in Nashville when we are there in May! And knowing Mum, I’m sure she will!

John & Jacob, Borderline, July

Mum, Me John & Jacob at the Borderline

It all becomes clear…

I’ve only ever seen one artist twice during the same tour, that was when Robbie Williams played MK Bowl back in 2001. And that was only because I bought myself tickets and my sister also bought me tickets, so I got to go twice!

Other than that, I am mostly happy to just see a band once during the tour. I mean I’ll go EVERY time they tour, but just the one gig each time.  Now my mum comes to most Country gigs with me and will be my plus one if I don’t have one. My Dad doesn’t go to gigs, expect for Jack Jones.  My parents try to see Jack Jones every time he tours, sometimes more than once.

When he tours next year, they are going THREE times. THREE! So maybe that’s where i get my gig obsession from!