Keep Ya Head Up – Tupac

So most of my song lyrics posted have been Country songs.  However I do love most types of music.  I was talking to a friend at work about songs and Tupac came up and it just reminded me how much I loved him.  So for my 18 year old self, today’s Song Lyric Sunday is dedicated to Tupac.

But please don’t cry, dry your eyes, never let up
Forgive but don’t forget, girl keep your head up

2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up
2Pac – Keep Ya Head Up

It seems tha rain’ll never let up
I try to keep my head up, and still keep from gettin wet up
You know it’s funny when it rains it pours
They got money for wars, but can’t feed the poor

Because there’s too many things for you to deal with
Dying inside, but outside you’re looking fearless
While tears, is rollin down your cheeks
Ya steady hopin things don’t all down this week
Cause if it did, you couldn’t take it, and don’t blame me
I was given this world I didn’t make it


Let It Go – Song Lyric Sunday

I’ve been listening to Zac Brown Band all week, so this weeks Song Lyric Sunday is one of their songs, much like Trying To Drive, I heard one day and thought WOW what an amazing song.

Let It Go – Zac Brown Band

Keep your heart above your head and your eyes wide open
So this world can’t find a way to leave you cold
And know you’re not the only ship out on the ocean
Save your strength for things that you can change
Forgive the ones you can’t
You gotta let ’em go

Kelly Clarkson – I Love Her

Last week at the panto, they sang Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson.  The next day I added ALL the Kelly Clarkson songs I have to my iPhone.  It made me remember how much I love Kelly Clarkson.

I’ve seen her live I think at least 3 times. One time at Plymouth Pavillions I managed to get right at the front.  Like barrier pressing in your ribs close.  I turned to talk to my sister and when I went to stand straight again, I couldn’t… Someone had stood in that very small gap! We decided to move back so we could dance and jump around! Last time I saw her at Wembley Arena, there was a B Stage and we were of course close to it!

On stage, Kelly is just full of energy, jumping and singing, exactly how I’d be if I was a superstar.  Her songs are so honest and real. Her songs tell stories and resonate with my life. No matter what I’ve gone through there has been a Kelly Clarkson song to get me through it. Beautiful Disaster, Breakaway, Because of You, Dark Side, Since You’ve Been Gone, How I Feel & Stronger they all remind me of a time or a feeling I had, I am a super fan! And I’m not ashamed to say it. Yes she won American Idol, but she is so much more than that – a true star!

This week it was announced that Kelly Clarkson was releasing new music… Its not available in the UK yet, but I’ve had a listen online and I already love it! Plus rumour is she’s touring, and I really hope she comes to the UK because I’ll definitely be there!

Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat

Finding a new favourite song

Whenever I get a new album, I usually start to listen in the car on my drive to work.  If the album has songs on it I already know then the first few listens are just flicking back and forwards to these songs.

After a few days, I start to listen from the first track, and let the album play…. mostly in the background and then suddenly a song you’ve never heard hits you and you have to listen again, and again…

With Taylor Swift 1989 that song on repeat was I Know Places, with Ed Sheeran X the song was Thinking out Loud,

This latest new album is a Zac Brown Band Live album, its not a new release, I stumbled across it when I was looking to see if their new single was on UK iTunes. I started my full album listen through on the drive to work this morning and it was song 9 that made me stop, listen and play the song on repeat… 4 times in total.

The lyrics are about a relationship and how a couple have to work together to make things work and if its always one way then it won’t. Its about give and take and not always having to be right.

But you’re not always right
(I’m not always wrong)
It’s not like I don’t try
This is where we belong

One way, everything’s gotta be your way
But darling, I’m on your side
Cause it’s one wheel, four hands
Two hearts trying to understand
How we’re gonna get there
When we’re both trying to drive

The song is called Trying to Drive.. its a duet and its beautiful, have a listen 

Song Lyric Sunday – A Mother Like Mine

As it’s my mums birthday tomorrow, today’s Song Lyric Sunday is dedicated to her.  There are many songs that remind me of my mum and songs that we share as our favourite, but this song I discovered around the same time my mum was diagnosed with cancer. We were very lucky and my mum is now back in good health.

A Mother Like Mine, The Band Perry

My Mum is the loveliest, strongest, bravest person I know and this song just makes me think of her.  There is a lyric later on in the song that says ‘We all need her, but no one more than me’  and it couldn’t be more true.

Happy Birthday Mum!

Peter Pan Panto

So last night I went to my very first panto! I was a little apprehensive before going as I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We were going with Peter’s family and even though they have 11 kids between them all, no kids were coming!

We arrive just before it starts and find our way to our seats. I’ve been to Milton Keynes theatre before, but never had seats on the floor and we were close to the front too, really good seats.

Firstly before we get into the panto, the thing I love the most about the theatre is the way everything happens on that one stage. The scenery moves, new sets appear and its all live, happening right in front of you.

Now onto the Panto – it was without a doubt the funniest night out ever! Bradley Walsh was just brilliant and there were great moments where he made the cast laugh a little too much and they had to take a minute to compose themselves. The children in the cast were so good at their parts and very cute. Then there was Flawless – their dance routines were incredible, its definitely made me want to go see a group like that perform.

For me the best moment of the panto was a section where Bradley and two other cast members sing their version of  the 12 days of Christmas. For each day that they sing about they bring new props onto stage and Bradley made sure he messed with one cast members props, sending the poor guy running all over the stage and the theatre at one point as he threw his ‘5 toilet rolls’ into the audience.

Seeing Peter and his Cousin Craig dancing and singing along was something not to be missed, it was a great night and big thank you has to go to Auntie Jan for arranging the trip out for all of us.

Gig Tops

Whenever I go to a gig, I always like to buy a piece of merchandise, usually a T-Shirt. I’ve been collecting them now for years! I rarely wear them, which you might find weird, but to me they are treasured possessions, a reminder of a great experience.

This is my collection of music concert t-shirts! As you can see, there is Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Boyzone, Kelly Clarkson, NKOTB, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Tim McGraw, Professor Green and many many more!

Music Gig T-Shirts
Music Gig T-Shirts

There is also a suitcase filled with sporting t-shirts, football shirts, F1 tops and boxing.

My mum is going to make it into a patchwork quilt for me, something to keep so I can always remember the things I’ve been too.