Gig Of The Year – 2014

So after a year of gigs and events what would I pick out as my highlight of the year…
I’m going to be cheeky and pick a few well it’s my blog I make the rules!
Firstly looking at the non music gigs I went to, I’m going to choose Froch vs Groves at Wembley. This was my first ever boxing event. It was so impressive I like to watch boxing at home but am usually asleep by the main event and have to be woken for the big fight so I was worried that I would get tired and restless. But it’s not possible, one the seats aren’t comfy enough for sleep but secondly and more importantly the atmosphere is electric. I didn’t expect that really and it made it all the more enjoyable. I was so pleased Carl Froch won, it was a great punch. Though at the time Peter didn’t agree with the stoppage once we rewatched it at home you could just see Froch knock the stuffing out of him. It was a brilliant event and I really hope I manage to see more boxing live.
Now my best music gig… This is going to be hard… So let’s do a top 3… Like I said before my blog… My rules 🙂
In third place Kacey Musgraves with John and Jacob supporting. I love Kacey and I love John and Jacob so this really is the perfect gig!! Plus we met John and Jacob after and then went to their first headline gig 2 weeks later!
In second place Taylor Swift, I liked Taylor before I saw her in concert. I LOVED her and wanted to be her by the time the concert finished!!
And in first place Ed Sheeran one guy, a guitar and a loop pedal is all you need to have one of the best gigs ever! Well maybe ticker tape was missing, but I won’t hold that against him!
Happy New Year – here’s to more music in 2015!

It’s not just music concerts

Yes, I do go to a lot of concerts, but I mostly love anything live.

I’ve been to BDO Darts at Lakeside twice and LOVED IT, the atmosphere is amazing and you are so close to the action and the darts players.

Wesley Harms, BDO Darts, Lakeside
Me & Wesley Harms

I’ve seen Russell Brand and John Bishop live and almost wet myself from laughter.  Been to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and been super impressed with the speed and sound of the cars

This year I finally got to see a boxing match at Wembley Stadium, Carl Froch vs George Groves and I really wasn’t expecting the spectacular show we saw.

Froch vs Groves, The Rematch, Wembley
Carl Froch & George Groves