Song Lyric Sunday – A Mother Like Mine

As it’s my mums birthday tomorrow, today’s Song Lyric Sunday is dedicated to her.  There are many songs that remind me of my mum and songs that we share as our favourite, but this song I discovered around the same time my mum was diagnosed with cancer. We were very lucky and my mum is now back in good health.

A Mother Like Mine, The Band Perry

My Mum is the loveliest, strongest, bravest person I know and this song just makes me think of her.  There is a lyric later on in the song that says ‘We all need her, but no one more than me’  and it couldn’t be more true.

Happy Birthday Mum!


The Band Perry

Almost a year ago, I saw The Band Perry at The Forum in London.  It was our second time seeing them.  The first time came about on a complete whim. I had been listening to Bob Harris Country and he played a couple of songs by the band and mentioned they were playing Koko in Camden the next week. One quick visit to itunes and I had their album and another quick visit to a ticket site and I had tickets to see them for me and mum. This was also the first time we saw John & Jacob too who have gone on to become another of our favourite Country Bands.

To non country music fans, The Band Perry are probably best known for the song ‘If I Die Young’ which was featured on a Glee episode in memory of Cory Monteith’s death last year.

The Band Perry do not disappoint live, they are high energy on stage. I remember seeing Kimberly Perry jumping around and I wished I was in the band. One of the best moments of is when they sing ‘ Fat Bottomed Girls’ by Queen. My Mum and I are very close, and maybe thats why the song ‘ A Mother Like Mine’ is also one of my favourites. The lyrics are beautiful and I know my  mum believes in me no matter what I am trying to do, just like the lyrics below say:

She’s the sky that holds the clouds
She’s the lady of the house
A blind believer in all I dare to be
There’s no safer place I’ve found
Than the shoulder of her white night gown
Oh I’ve got the best and the worst of her in me
I’d share her if I could

Oh the wars would all be over
‘Cause she’d raise us all as friends
And no one would ever wonder if somebody wanted them
We’d walk on grass that’s greener
And our cares would all be freer
If the world had a mother like mine

She’s our father’s one great love
She’s the one he wanted most
She’s the light in the window of the house I grew up in
She takes the midnight call
She’s the bravest of us all
And she sings in the garden that she let’s her hair down in

I’ve seen The Band Perry a total of 3 times now, the last time was at the C2C Festival at O2 in March of this year, where we were lucky enough to be second row.  I just hope they continue to visit the UK!

The Band Perry
The Band Perry


2013 I got gig happy again, 12 music gigs, and a trip to the darts!

Sat 16th Mar – C2C Festival feat Kristian Bush, Little Big Town, Vince Gill &Tim McGraw @02

Sun 17th Mar – C2C Festival feat Brantley Gilbert, Leann Rimes, Darius Rucker & Carrie Underwood @02

Sat 23rd Mar – The Script @02

Mon 8th Apr – Emeli Sande @Hammersmith

Wed 24th Apr – Eric Church @The Forum

Thurs 30th May – Alicia Keys @02

Sat 22nd May – The Killers @Wembley Arena

Tues 2nd July – Robbie Williams @02 (again, 5th time!)

Wed 18th Sept – Leann Rimes @Hammersmith

Fri 11th Oct – Jay-Z @O2

Sun 13th Oct – Kacey Musgraves @Shepherds Bush

Mon 2nd Dec – The Band Perry @The Forum


2012 saw the supergroup that was New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys join together! Plus I saw Kelly Clarkson again, she is one act when I see sing live I just want to be her, jumping around to ‘since you’ve been gone’.  And on a complete whim after listening to 1 song on the radio I got tickets to see The Band Perry.  Country acts don’t come to the UK often, so when they do.. I HAVE to see them! Like when I see Boots in the sale in my size, I HAVE to buy them too!

Sat 29th Apr – NKOTBsB @02

Mon 4th Jun – Coldplay @Emirates (third seeing coldplay)

Tues 16th Oct – Ed Sheeran @Hammersmith

Sat 20th Oct – Kelly Clarkson @Wembley Arena (for at least the third time)

Mon 19th Nov – The Band Perry @KOKO

Fri 23rd Nov – Robbie Williams @02 (for the fourth time)