The Killers – Wembley Song

Sometimes at a gig, something amazing happens…

One of these times was at The Killers Wembley gig on 22nd June 2013

The Killers had a treat for us, they’d written a song about Wembley…

I don’t think there are any words to explain those moments as The Killers played this song. I have just sat and watched a video of it 3 times and it gives me shivers, makes me cry a little and makes me smile.

That’s the magical thing about music, it makes you feel everything.

Oh, and after watching this again I just remembered how much I heart Brandon Flowers!


The Day of a Gig

You bought the tickets, waited patiently for them to arrive and now its the day of the gig!

A weekend gig is the best, no rushing or time off work needed. A work day gig, for me usually requires an afternoon off. I don’t like to rush around before a gig. Me and my gig gang, have a gig routine. If it’s a gig with my sister, we have to plan outfits! Otherwise we end up in very similar ensembles.

I am really lucky, we are close enough to all the major London venues. We always head over early, usually about 3ish so we can get to the venue, get parked and get some food.  The journey over always consists of listening to the group we are going to see and saying ‘ohh hope they sing this’ and speculating on surprise guests, B Stages and Ticker Tape. Then there is the decision on what to eat.  Each venue has a favourite of ours nearby. At the O2 we usually have a Wagamamas, at Hammersmith there is a nice pub round the corner that serves a Dolly Parton Burger! For Shepherds Bush a new fave has been Byron Burger and Wembley its TGI’s or Cabana.

Once we’ve eaten we’ll head over to the venue, if we are standing, then we’ll want to get in the queue to make sure we have a good chance of standing where we want too.  Shepherds Bush means we are able to join the O2 priority queue so usually manage to get the best spot by the side of the bar.

I love getting into the venue, it means its almost starting… the crowd slowly fills up and you go from having all the room in the world to none at all. First the lights go out and the support is on.  We always get in to see the support, I mean why not, you’ve paid to see it and sometimes you find a great new band to like.  I remember seeing Example support Tinchy Stryder and had no idea who he was, but all these young lads were singing every word! The support hypes everyone up.. and finally its their last song. Lights up again and we wait!

I feel like the tension slowly builds, you always roughly know what time an act will come on and as the minutes pass, you become impatient. Why can’t they just come out!  The crowd slowly moves in, people stand even closer to you, the time ticks by…

And then the lights go out and the screaming starts!

2014…. finally

Finally, this year’s gigs

Sun 2nd Feb – Taylor Swift @02

Sun 2nd Mar – Eric Church @Shepherds Bush (for the second time)

Tues 4th Mar – Beyonce @02 (for the second time)

Sat 15th Mar – C2C Festival feat Martina McBride, Dierks Bentley, Dixie Chicks & Zac Brown Band

Sun 16th Mar – C2C Festival feat Chris Young, The Band Perry, Rascal Flatts & Brad Paisley

Wed 14th May – Barry Manilow @Wembley Arena

Wed 28th May – NKOTB @Hammersmith (third time)

Sun 8th Jun – One Direction @Wembley Stadium

Sun 6th July – Kasey Musgraves @Shepherds Bush (second time & John & Jacob support)

Sat 12th July – Eminem @Wembley Stadium

Mon 21st July – John & Jacob @The Borderline

Sun 12th October – Ed Sheeran @02 (for the second time)

Tues 18th Nov – Darius Rucker @Shepherds Bush

Plus still to come

Thurs 11th Dec – Professor Green @Roundhouse